The ONE Product Every Person With A Phone Needs Eves Power Bank

It’s not often that I get THIS excited about a product like I do about the Eves Power Bank.

My life is a little cray-cray to say the least. I’m on the go constantly, running to meetings, driving and managing my two businesses. Between the two businesses, my mobile battery is always under the 20% mark, just enough for that little bright red battery colour (you know what I’m talking about).

For me, a low battery represents missed opportunities and wasted time. I can’t return calls, catch up on email, or even view my calendar if my phone dies. For me this just can’t happen.

Eves Power Bank Portable Mobile Charger
I keep my Eves Power Bank in my handbag completely charged. It is super-easy to charge, I just plug it into my laptop when it’s turned on. It charges really quickly from your laptop, and also is speedy with charging your phone.

Eves Power Bank Portable Mobile Charger

Eves Power Bank Portable Mobile Charger

Eves Power Bank | Portable Mobile Charger
A very tasteful butt shot 🙂 One of my favourite features of the Eves Power Bank is that it’s very slim – easily fitting into the side pocket of your handbag, or into the glove box of the car.

Eves Power Bank | Portable Mobile Charger
A butt-load of connector tips, so if your current phone dies – you have options!

For the guys, the white and green work well and make perfect gifts for men. My brother who is a muscly man with a landscaping business (real macho, you know the type) has used it and LOVED it.

Click below to say NO MORE to a flat battery and YES to opportunities and time saving!


I’m sure you’ve all had one of those horrid experiences with a flat battery – let your anger out below in the comments!

Leah Bridge x leah


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