How To Remember Your Anniversary

If you have EVER felt this kind of dread, you will LOVE our top tips on how to remember your anniversary.

Don’t wake up with that dreaded feeling ever again – become a cool cucumber who is ultra-organised before the big day so you can spoil your other half without the stress.

Some special dates you may need to remember:

  • Your first date
  • Your first kiss
  • Your engagement date
  • Your wedding anniversary << BIGGEST!

Some ways to help you remember:

  1. Google Calendar
    Place the date as a recurring event in your calendar. I can highly recommend Google Calendar for this as you can also set the date/time of the reminder (eg Two weeks before the event) so that you can remember to buy your partner a special something.
  2. Evernote
    Begin brainstorming ideas ALL YEAR ROUND with this amazing tool! It’s a fabulous notes/folders (notebooks) system available on iphone and desktop. One of my fav features means you can sync the notes from your phone to your desktop so everything is where you need it, when you want it. It allows you to
  3. Anniversary Reminder Apps
    There’s an app called “Yearly”, for $2.99 it’s kind of a bargain!
  4. Allow PLENTY of time for gift purchasing!
    If you estimate it will take you 2 weeks to find the perfect gift, schedule in 4 weeks before the event to start thinking about it.

Don’t forget to read and take action 😉

Enjoy xo


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