Daneson Luxury Flavoured Toothpicks Australia

We have been waiting to announce these flavoured toothpicks for so. damn. long! Sourced from America, Daneson is a flavoured toothpick supplier sourcing only the most premium ingredients to produce an amazing result. As soon as we spotted them, we wanted to be the first to have them in Australia online for Australia and New Zealanders – and we were! (exciting-ness)


The luxury toothpick brand comes in many flavours, we’re stocking Single Malt and Salted Birch, both of which have amazing packaging that features a cork and an amber tube that won us over in a heartbeat.200 yr old single malt toothpicks


Here’s what luxury-insider.com had to say about the Single Malt flavour:

“These awesome things are just like single malt lollipops – which apparently have not been invented yet. Except the Single Malt Nº16 toothpicks are manlier than lollipops. They are perfect for manly men whose hobbies include manly things like getting into a cage with a lion then staring it down and chopping firewood with their bare hands.”

The luxury flavoured toothpicks are a great gift extra for;

  • The dapper gentleman (who loves toothpicks but needs something with a little luxury)
  • The guy who loves to try new things (who will be immensely grateful that you introduced him to a new brand of awesomeness)
  • The guy who is famous (helloooo Eva, one to buy for Ryan G!)

And if that’s not enough of a reason to grab a tube, look who else thinks toothpicks are cool:

crawford pattison kutcher diddy-toothpicks IIHIH


Bradley Cooper, Ryan Gosling, Jude Law and Zac Efron with toothpicks - buy your flavoured luxury toothpicks here

It doesn’t get much more beautiful than that! Grab a beautiful amber tube and try it yourself today.


open box of scotch toothpicks


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  • Alex

    didn’t know a toothpick could be so sexy 😉

    • navycrockett

      Hehe I know, right? I’m so in love with the packaging I’d love to have them lined up on a shelf above my desk 😉 – L x

  • Gavin

    Love these, use them to help my tourettes, nice to have something a bit banging to get me through a crowded room 😉

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